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“Properly chosen profession – the best way to the future!”

“Properly chosen profession – the best way to the future!”

A proposito del progetto

Project is related to the student’s choice of future profession. We want to know which of the careers in demand and interest from different countries, cultures; How to choose their children’s future profession. What is the role of parents, teachers, and the environment in this case. What is globalization affecting the choice of professions. Hobby and profession



Communicate and collaborate with different cultures, Experience of participation in international projects in various countries (culture), the study of a wide variety of professions, occupations correct selection.



1 classmates poll-Which profession is chosen and why? Drafting tables and diagrams.
2 Data collection and research: What is the profession of popular and interesting in their own country, and why?
3 Data collection and analysis of famous people, how and why they chose their profession and how they are viewed.
4 How globalization affects the formation and selection of professions
5 invitation and meeting interesting people and professions.
6 photos, interviews, videos, motion pictures, create a blog and share with other countries to actively communicate with peers.



The students will learn about the most popular and exciting professions in different countries. They explore a variety of factors influence our choice of professions. They make tables, charts, interesting presentations, blogs, and share with each other. Students to think and make decisions about the future of the profession in the analysis of the election. Work on the project will help the students to identify their future profession..



English, Русский

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Informatica / TIC, Italiano e letteratura, Scienze Sociali, Storia della Cultura, Tecnologia

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