E-Twinning Live – il gemellaggio europeo tra le scuole
Being young in Europe. What we are into…!!!

Being young in Europe. What we are into…!!!

A proposito del progetto

The project is the follw-up of a common work, which was born on etwinning between Italy, Check Republic , Romania, with the participation of Germany, as latest partner. The main topic was about the different cultural roots united in a common European identity. In particular, Italy, Germany and the Check Republic would like to go on with their previous exchange and cooperation through etwinning. This will be done, finding topics of common interest among young people ( from places,to literature, to religion, to music, to fashion, to burning issues ecc…). Moreover they would enhance their cooperation through the creation of a table-game, in which everybody should be able to express their creatvity, collaborative spirit and skills and be able to comunicate effectively in the foreign language.


The following objectives will be valued by the partners:
Be able to communicate about different topics concerning our common European citizenship (religion, stereotypes, common burning issues ecc…)
The competences to be implemented are:
Be able to share ideas about a common topic
Be able to contribute to a shared story in which the main traits of one’s own national identity emerge
Be able to introduce your class, school and town
Be able to talk about one’s own preferences.
About designing a game:
Be able to codify /decodify
Be able to set and follow logical sequence
Be able to explain/ understand regulations or instructions
Be able to creeate the tools for a table-game
Be able to cooperate, solve problems, and find solutions
Be able to give a proper feedback


Step 1: get in touch
Introduce your school, class and town.Introduce your country
Step 2: find common topics to talk about (ex. religion and the value of the Church in Europe)
Step 3: Write a shered-story in which the common stereotyper of a country come out clearly
Step 4: design and create a table-game exchanging creative ideas and material
Step 5: define the rules of the games and write them down.
Step 6: play the game together (through Skype) or separately at school or in an exchange in presence.
-single contributions in sharing / writing ideas
-group work in the game design.
-documentation of the steps
-weekly contacts among partners


Students will improve their communication skills through the use of the foreign language for a meaningful purpose.
They will improve their collaborative skills in giving and sharing ideas about a common- interest topic or writing a part of a shared story.
They will be able to talk and share ideas abou their interests and (dis) likes.
They will improve their logic skills in designing a game
They will improve therir ability to solve problems
They will learn to set / follow common rules
They will use their graphic skills
They will better their use of ITC and suitable apps.



EnglishFascia di età15-17


Cross Curricular, Design e Tecnologia, Educazione alla Cittadinanza, Informatica / TIC, Italiano e letteratura, Lingue Straniere, Matematica / Geometria, Media, Religione, Scienze Naturali, Storia, Storia della Cultura, Studi Europei


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